Product Applications

Our products help our customers create unique, natural aromas, tastes, appearances and nutritional profiles that can set their product apart. For more information about our applications, contact us.


Teawolf botanical extracts are the key building blocks to create classic and modern beverages from tea, coffee, cocoa, hibiscus and many others. Our products will allow you to create the body of a beverage or to add aroma, taste, color, acidity or nutritional value to your formulation.


Whether you want to white-wash an existing label or create a nutritional product from scratch, Teawolf has a product to fit your formulation. Consumers today are demanding the highest possible nutrition function in a product with minimal or no chemical additives present. Our products undergo minimal processing and maintain their high nutritional value.


Teawolf manufactures a complete range of ingredients for your baking needs. Natural vanillas and cocoas are only the beginning of the expertise we offer.


Our wide variety of vanilla, cocoa and botanical extracts are used in the finest dairy products throughout the US and Canada. Not only adding flavor, but botanicals such as Hibiscus can also add natural color and nutritional value to your yogurt or milk drink.


Teawolf’s modern extraction equipment enables us to create almost any botanical extract that your formulation requires. Our extensive experience in food, beverage and nutritional supplement processing allows us to work closely with you to develop new, natural ingredients for your novel product formulation.