Core Values

Our approach to business is guided by the commitment to the following core values:

Transparency: Open communication and accountability — Teawolf operates in a way that our suppliers, employees and clients can see all actions performed, intentionally sharing pertinent information.

Integrity: Teawolf operates honestly and with strong moral principles, and in a state of being whole and undivided.

“Success will come and go, but Integrity is forever” – Forbes

Perseverance: At Teawolf we are continuously improving and making a conscious effort to use products and practices that can help create a better environment for our suppliers, employees and clients.


Teawolf strives to provide better natural products for a better planet.

  • Source raw materials from the sustainable and economical sources

  • Process materials locally and reduce the transportation carbon footprint

  • Manufacture using some of the most energy efficient, custom equipment available with a high degree of energy recovery

These, along with our Kosher, Organic and Fair Trade certifications, will allow our customers to rest assured that Teawolf products are causing minimal harm to our delicate planet.

Teawolf Recycles

At Teawolf, the environment and Earth are important to us. We have a full recycling program in place, all the way down to recycling our spent botanical material into Organic fertilizer and other useful products.

Teawolf Gives Back

Teawolf is proud to be an annual sponsor of the Big Apple Bash (sponsored by the Lidestri family of companies) to benefit the Hole in the Wall Gang.

Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp provides year-round services to children, families and siblings that are coping with serious illness.

Today, Camp welcomes over 2,500 children and family members to its facility in Ashford, Connecticut for its signature summer and weekend programs. Additionally, more than 25 Hospital Outreach specialists bring the fun and friendship of Camp right to children’s bedsides and playrooms in more than 30 hospitals and clinics across the Northeast.